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Above is our recycled metal bell sculpture on a Sand Stone Plinth, complete with metal chime and macrame pull.


Barbed Wire Pears.

We have several of our beautiful Barbed Wire Pears in stock for immediate delivery, They are available in two sizes. The Pears above are the Medium size.


Pictured above is a wonderful small sphere on a four piece sandstone plinth. This sculpture was recently seen on display at the Chanticleer Garden open day in 2019 and is currently available for sale. 

Horse Shoe Pears.          
We currently have several of these instock in medium and large. They are made from repurposed used horse shoes nd compliment any sstyle of garden.   P.O.A. 
 Sandstone Pears

Our sandstone pears are made to order. They can have a smooth or sparrow picked (rough) finish. Sandstone Pears are carved from a solid block of sandstone so colours can vary as this is a natural product.
All sandstone pears come with a hand beaten copper stalk.  P.O.A.

DSC_0303 Sandstone Seats 
We offer both straight and curved seats, these can compliment any area in your garden and make a great seating arrangement around our Fire Pits.   P.O.A. 

Fire Pit 

Available now and also to order. Our fire pit has three sturdy solid sandstone legs with a spun metal bowl which is made here in Australia. You can have plain legs or a carving on each leg. 


Fire_Pit_ stu's_phone_020215_157


We offer a range of sphere's that can be bought individually or in a set of three (large, medium and small). 

Pictured right is our
Large Indstrial Gear Sphere 

Medium Industrial assorted cog sphere

Small Industrial Spanner Sphere 


Set of Three Large, Medium & Small Spheres - made from recycled Horse SHoes that have been formed into scrolls. Can be sold as a set or individual spheres. P.O.A.


Recycled Horse Shoe spheres

Above the shoes have been shaped to form a sphere. Available in a set of three or individual spheres.   

Below each recycled horse shoe has been straightened and then curved to form a sphere. Sets of three are available or they can be purchased individually. 


Below a medium sized Industrial Sphere made from recycled cogs. These are also available in a small size. P.O.A. 

Industrial Chain Sphere, the sphere to the right has one hook. We have a few other small chain spheres at present. All the chain for our spheres has been sourced from various suppliers and is 100% recycled.


 Please email info@istone.com.au for price inquiry. Please also note that we can organise delivery and charge this at costs it is dependant on location, and delivery method etc. 
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